You are not a disease – Life, Death, and the Power of the Tongue

“Oh hi there, I’m so glad to meet you,” said the smiling face of my new neighbor. The approach took me aback, but not because of the sincerity of the greeting. What disturbed me was that the woman knew my birth name, which I have not used for many years. Everyone who knows me, knows that I go by the name I go by. Oh sure my birth name is a good name, which means “small.” It is befitting of me since at birth I was only five pounds three ounces and at adulthood I stand a mere five foot three. Indeed I have the nickname “tinymom” which was given to me by my son some time ago while looking down from the towering heights of his nearly 6 feet at that point.

I manage to squeak out a convincing “hello” with the caveat that my friends call me by my adopted name as I extend my hand. “How did you know my name?” I asked my new neighbor, wondering who would have introduced me using my legal name. The woman went on to explain that my old neighbors, from whom she had just purchased her home, had informed her of my name and also that I “have” Lyme disease.

Wow, I thought. Now not only do I go by a totally different name; I am now apparently identified by a disease that seems to be compulsory to my introduction. I felt slightly perturbed.  The introduction left a small, hollow feeling in the pit of my gut, perhaps in the space where for many years overgrowths of the wrong bacteria had happily thrived.

Believe it or not, I felt accosted by someone else’e impression of who I am. “Jeepers,” I thought; “I don’t even get to introduce myself. Now I’m a disease  I don’t even identify with.” 

I am not a disease. I do not appreciate being introduced as someone who “has” one.

It is a common thing that I see running rampant not only throughout the landscape of chronic diseases, but in society in general. Forget “racism,” Doctors, neighbors, pharmaceutical companies and television sets label us by our apparent or assumed medical conditions.

There are those who prefer to identify themselves with “their” disease. On the one hand, having a diagnosis helps to identify what is troubling some people. However when that diagnosis becomes that person’s identity, it becomes far more than troubling.

The first question that comes to mind is this. How do you expect to rid yourself (cure) of a disease that you continue to claim as “yours”? 

The concept is simple. In fact, it goes all the way back to biblical days in the Holy Bible. Just see Matthew 21:21 or Mark 11:23. The point is that if we believe with our heart and we speak with our mouth, we shall have whatsoever we say.

That means whatsoeverFor those who believe in the Bible (and I mean the actual inspired word of God/Elohim/YeHoVaH, not the English wrongly-translated “Easter” instead of Pesach/Passover, or the commentaries or any of the italicized, added words or other things that are clearly NOT the word of our Elohim), they can easily grasp the concept that our Creator Father spoke all things into existence. That means He first thought them or had the concept and then spoke it.


In short, our words have power to create. We must watch our words. And if we speak “our” disease or “our” illness or “our” diagnosis, we can hardly expect to cast off, remove, cure or otherwise change what is trying to affect our bodies.

I see so many people of all lands holding onto their diagnosis and claiming them as theirs. “My…” They even speak that over other people “Your….” “Her…” “His…” and they need to stop doing that. If they cannot refrain, then kindly ask them to stop speaking death over you. You see, we are either speaking life or we are speaking death over ourselves. Once again, it is our words that really matter.

The Bible also says in Proverbs 18:21, the following:

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. (KJV)

That means we are either speaking death or life over ourselves. If our words are not aligned with THE word, they are not speaking life.

Be sure you are choosing LIFE and not DEATH over yourself. WATCH YOUR WORDS and do not identify yourself by a disease or a symptom.

Clean up your diet. Follow biblical guidelines, not manmade guidelines, not religious guidelines. Only our Creator knows what is to go into our bodies. And no Messiah died so something that was never intended to be food is now “OK” to eat. There is NO unclean FOOD. There are only unclean animals and unclean things. They are NOT OK to eat—ever.

If you think they are or you cut and paste scripture to make it OK, you are taking what was written out of context. We do not eat unclean things…ever…period.

For those who don’t “believe” or have their own interpretations, that’s fine. But you will reap the consequences of those choices. Even scientifically speaking, unclean animals and things are the garbage scows and self-cleaning agents of the Earth. They harbor all of the toxins and parasites and other gunk that nothing else will touch. They have a purpose and that purpose is not to be in your body.

So that of course identifies GMO “foods” (using the term very loosely) and engineered vaccines and medications as probably unclean. Indeed if you know what goes into most of them (and I really do), you know immediately that they are unclean, biblically speaking. It is not a surprise to me “if” they do not really do what they claim to be able to do. I do find it interesting that pharmaceutical disclaimers for one thing, list a plethora of contraindications and possible “side effects” (like death). Taking them seems to be far worse than not. There are natural alternatives to pretty much all diseases. But mainstream medicine of course is not trained in this, nor is able to reveal same.

In short, your words are very important, and so is what you are exposed to on and in your body. For everything life-affecting, life instructing and life altering in a good way, I urge you to pick up your Bible and begin to read it without religious dogmas, doctrines or by running to your pastor or other leader to explain what the word says. That is because they can only communicate their understanding of the church dogma, doctrine or religious belief they were taught by other men or women. They cannot teach the Spirit. Only the Holy Spirit, if sought is who can and will lead you to all things.

For everything else, as they say, there is VISA/MasterCard. You have my blessing to do as you see fit. However, to be truly blessed, read Deuteronomy 28 and keep your words to a minimum and keep them positive and life affirming. We will after all, according to the word, be held accountable for every idle word we have spoken…and thus I would assume, what we have inadvertently created with them. Amein?


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