SURVEY of Lyme patients needed for Lyme documentary film

YOUR COMMENTS and INSIGHTS ARE NEEDED and would help with our research for the new Lyme disease documentary film!

Please log on to the film’s campaign web page and go to the comments section and:

  • Tell us one thing that you want either the world, medical establishment, politicians, or your family and friends to know about Lyme disease.

We will use the results of this survey to inform the film’s content and will also choose from amongst these comments for use in the film.

Feel free to pass along this information to other friends you may know in the Lyme community – with our grateful thanks.
Please leave your comments on the FILM’s web site, not on this blog site, thank you so much! That way they are all in one place.


5 thoughts on “SURVEY of Lyme patients needed for Lyme documentary film

  1. Lyme is such a misnomer in that we are dealing with multiple infectious agents that are immume supressive. Our immune system goes into an overdrive from drying to find and fight infectious agents tht it can’t find. Many are Stealth in Nature. Most members in my family have been hit by this multitude of infections. I had to stop work teaching resident phhysicians and medical students, My husband was in a management position, my son couldn’t work for a few years and is still affected from this, Mt daughter is finally beganing to recover to some degree after almost twenty years, My grandaughter in her twenty’s and ill from age three is still very ill and praying to improve so she can mother the two children she so loves. I get calls on a daily basis from people seeking help. With the politics of this disease and the cover up- people are going untreated. We have lost emmber of our community to death from the complications, to susicide as they felt there would be no help or understanding from others.There are a lot of guilty parties involved. Industry, Government coverup, conflicts of interest and much more. Denying the reality of this disease is causing not only death and illness but a life of poverty to those who are to ill to continue to work. People who were weage earners have turned into wage eaters as they are to ill to work. By the time many of victims of what is called Lyme disease get to me or others they have lost everything. Their health, their livelyhood and any ability to pay for medical services….

  2. Lyme disease is very real and is a debilitating disease that destroys lives once it goes undetected or undiagnosed which most of the time it does, thanks to the bogus IDSA guidelines.. They say Lyme is easy to diagnose and treat and is a walk in the park disease to have, after 13 years of talking to thousands of online patients this is farthest from the truth.. I have seen a lot of deaths and destruction in the last 13 years, whole families infected with Lyme and most patients not only have Lyme but also co infections like Bartonella or Babesia which further complicate the disease and treatments … thanks to unreliable testing procedures many are slipping through the cracks and don’t get a proper Lyme test or a proper course of antibiotics that fully eradicates the Lyme infection-s, most are sent home believing that they don’t have Lyme but have Chronic fatigue syndrome or Fibromialgia because they based the diagnosis solely on the flawed Lyme tests that are only accurate less than 50 percent of the time.. Once Lyme become intrenched in someone system it may takes years of antibiotic therapy to bring them back to near normal condition, some docs believe you will always have residual problems and Lyme damage..
    Lyme disease is the fastest growing disease in America now and the public needs to know the truth if has been for too long been boxed up by people who are protecting their own interest in Lyme research and patents on Bb some say they are even protecting insurance companies from paying out of pocket for Long term treatments that could save somebody from a life of hell on earth.. Chronic Lyme disease is not rare and is becoming the norm now for a lot of patients who find out the hard way that this disease is everything but a walk in the park but a living nightmare if not caught early enough and treated properly.. thanks..

  3. I am 56 yrs old and from an endemic area. I have been ill all my life, the Lyme was diagnosed only 6 years ago so the damage is done.
    Be aware, Dr’s will not touch you or will ridicule you for suggesting you have Lyme. Even after positive PCR they laugh at you.
    We suffer every day, the medical system doesn’t care and lives are stolen and lost. It just doesn’t matter. MY life has been destroyed by greed and corruption over Lyme. My childbearing years are gone, never to return. Every day i am sick and can only wish a Dr would even try to help, but no – I am laughed at by family and acquaintances, I have had to essentially disown my family – sadly, they have Lyme too but prefer cancer, liver and joint replacements. Maybe because unless you have Cancer in America, you aren’t really considered sick. We are nothing but a joke to those who don’t get it – worse, they don’t want to understand. It’s a cruel world.

  4. I’ve had lyme’s disease for over 20 years, only didn’t know it until 2012. Lyme disease destroys your life through disability. No job, no friends, no lovers, no family, no place to go but into the darkness. The NIH, CDC, FDA, and AMA employ people who need to take a short walk on a moonless night full of machetes.

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