No Picnic: The Insider’s Guide to Tickborne Illnesses

Cheers my friends, because the words “Lyme”, “Morgellons”, and “tickborne infections” are about to take on a whole new meaning!

When I think about how long I have been wanting to write a booklet like No Picnic, I think back to the year 1992 when I was bitten by a tick on the back of my shoulder blade. The incident marked the beginning of an odyssey that would span decades. At the start of this blasted illness, I never dreamed that I would find myself sitting on one treatment room table after another, listening to the words “There is no Lyme disease in this state.” We live in Wisconsin, a very Lyme endemic state.

Oh sure, it is endemic “now” you say. However a couple of years ago when I interviewed Dr. Rudolph Scrimenti, the former WI Dermatologist who was the first to report treating a patient with a bull’s-eye rash and Lyme-like symptoms in 1969, he told me that in retrospect, he recalled that he had seen many patients over the previous two decades with similar infections. That puts Lyme in Wisconsin on the map perhaps as early as the 1940’s by Dr. S’s estimations. So why did “no one” seem to know that Lyme disease was “in” Wisconsin by 1992?

Another perplexing tidbit of info that I gathered during my decades-long studies of Lyme is that about the same time that I was playing duck-duck-goose with numerous MDs, Dr. Paul Duray from Yale University, was performing fauna surveys (including ticks) at a Wisconsin military base less than 2 hours drive from my then current home. Lyme was reportedly endemic in the state at the time I had my tick bite. Indeed there was a “moderate” to “high” risk of contracting Lyme at that particular military base. Apparently “no one” else but a Yale scientist and a few military personnel knew anything about these risk levels.

Jumping forward I finally obtained a proper diagnosis for Lyme disease and other tickborne infections 13 years too late. By that time as my many books reveal, my family was in shambles due to Lyme disease, and my health was steadily declining from disability down into devastating debility oblivion. Luckily, I had the gumption to try just about anything in those days, with respect to “treatments.” I ventured (while I could still drive) to a town 20 miles away to see a nurse practitioner who sidelined as an energy “healer.”

During a session (which I admit seemed kind of hokey to me anyway), I learned there was a physician who practiced medicine only 45 minutes north of my home. He had given a then recent conference about Lyme disease, which the nurse had attended. I recall the nurse and a colleague discussing the conference, and I rather abruptly sat up and interrupted their banter and kindly demanded in the nicest way possible by someone over endowed with an enthusiasm rivaling a kid at Christmas, “where can I find this doctor!?”

Needless to say, I was eventually correctly diagnosed with Lyme, but far too late to be “easily treated” for this “hard to catch” (cough) infection complex. If only I had known at the beginning of my 1992 bite what I have learned over decades, me and my family would have stood a good chance of having “normal” lives (because we are all infected). Well I cannot go back in time, but I can provide something for everyone, moving forward. And so I decided to put together a comprehensive booklet which is backed by solid research evidence (I only used 200 references this time, a far cry from my usual 4,500 in God Science or the several thousand in my other books).

I wanted to create a booklet that anyone could read in about an hour (more or less), that would dispel many of the myths about tickborne infections that we hear about nearly every day. The booklet is a short 65 pages (plus references) and it helps patients, family members, friends, physicians, researchers, legislators, medical board members, public health officials, and anyone else who is interested enough to open its pages. Now people can learn what lies within the bodies of ticks, especially those organisms that no one will, or is talk(ing) about. It is my belief that this booklet will be the key to unlocking the disinformation campaign against Lyme disease, and I hope that it may pull together many of the people who have taken staunchly opposing viewpoints. But then again, I personally believe there are good reasons why the Lyme arena is so bipolar, however I will not address that here.

Simply, now there is a booklet with TONS of information that is based on valid research, to help people understand tickborne infections. This booklet has the kind of information that should have been disclosed to physicians as soon as it was discovered. Sadly, some of it was not discovered by 1992, but much of the information was actually known in one form or another, but it was not communicated properly – like to my doctors, my many doctors, my more than 100 doctors in three states over a decade so I could be diagnosed at the onset of my illness!

That booklet is available as a FREE, downloadable PDF file that is MEANT TO BE GLOBALLY SHARED. There is also a print version of this book for around $8 USD. This little booklet was borne literally from blood, sweat, and tears. With your help, it has the potential to challenge (and change) the staunchest viewpoints that have for decades been undeniably wrong about Lyme, Morgellon’s and other tickborne infections.

Here is the Print Version on Amazon.

(Print version proceeds are used to help Lyme paients afford testing so you are helping others with your purchase)

Here is the DOWNLOADABLE PDF file

Share FREE with anyone to educate about tickborne illnesses
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Do send copies to legislators, medical personnel, media sources, teachers, friends, family, public health people.

Educate to Eradicate™


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