Help Support New Lyme Documentary Film!

I am proud to tell you that there will be a New Lyme disease documentary film in the near future, called “Ticked Off!”

The first leg of filming will take place June 5-6, 2012 at Clontarf Castle in Dublin, Ireland during the First International Conference on Lyme Disease in Ireland, an event sponsored by

The Director is well-versed in Lyme, and an award-winning Artist/Writer/Director, Lisa Vandegrift Davala. The film’s world-class production team carries with it other award-winning and renowned experts including IFTA winner Cian de Buitléar, D.P., who shot Lisa’s last film Peace Comes Dropping Slow, and was the cinematographer who shot the underwater scenes in Saving Private Ryan; and for productions such as Dancing at Lughnasa, The Boxer, Blow Dry, and I Went Down.

Eleanor Bowman, accomplished cinematographer with more than 20 high profile films, and TV series to her credit, will head the second camera team. Tony Kearns, award winning film editor, has edited features, commercials, and more than 40 of the worlds best known music videos including Radiohead, R.E.M., FOO Fighters, Chemical Brothers, U2, Sinead O’Connor and more. This film is expected to have a two-year production time, and funds are necessary to help pay for the filming of the upcoming June conference.

The target funding needed to film the 2-day conference is $14,000 USD or $11,000 € (EURO) and this is where we need YOUR help!

Normally funding is already in place for a film of this scope, but the conference was a sudden and pleasant surprise, so funds must be raised quickly to enable the film crew to capture this unique opportunity that is quickly approaching! What better way than to have Lyme patients, physicians, and interested parties from all over the world, contribute to the process?

Become part of a world-changing epic film without ever leaving your home!

Many of us ask “what can I do” when it comes to helping others. Here is a great opportunity to change the landscape of a serious illness on multiple continents.

Since this footage will be used for the film’s trailer, it is a unique opportunity to capture the plight of Lyme patients, as well as to interview top Lyme experts attending the conference. The filmmakers will not only be interviewing Lyme patients and physicians, but will be focusing on a topic that no other film has done to date — the actual politics and controversy surrounding Lyme disease, as well as the issues of diagnosis and treatment.

This new film delivers unfettered truths to a worldwide audience in an undeniable story. And more importantly, the film will address where do we go from here!

The politics of Lyme have never truly been given the visual platform that they deserve. The burden bearing of this disease will finally be shouldered by those who are perpetrating the denial of illness. The public yet unaffected by Lyme disease are in danger of contracting an illness that physicians are not allowed to treat.
To avert this upcoming tragedy, this exciting new story will delve into the nitty-gritty of the political arena to reveal the hidden truths behind the silencing of the Lyme disease epidemic around the world. If you thought the book The Baker’s Dozen, which holds information used in the Connecticut Attorney General’s anti-trust investigation into the IDSA guidelines for Lyme disease was interesting, learn what else has not been revealed about the politics and patents of Lyme disease — and why patients have fallen through the cracks on more than one continent.

Won’t you help today to fund what will prove to be a ground-breaking film about Lyme disease by donating any amount to support this worthy cause?

All those donating $30 or more will be listed in the film’s credits. Those who donate $100 or more will receive a free copy of the Lyme book of your choice from my book series “It’s All In Your Head”, or your choice of a copy of God Science or The Fourth Monkey. (Be sure to provide your address!) 


For more information or to attend the First International Conference for Lyme Disease in Ireland June 5-6, 2012, click here for details:

Ticked Off! Movie Information               Tick Talk Ireland Information

To learn more about the filmmaker Lisa Vandegrift Davala and her past endeavors:

About the Film’s Director

A Sincere THANK YOU !!!


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