Become part of a Lyme disease memorial wall and garden walk

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Hello fellow Lymies…

I absolutely love gardening and always have! I  have been working for ten years on our current gardens.  Now I am establishing a memorial garden walkway for Lyme patients around the world. The garden walk and pond are located in Southeastern Wisconsin.  

I am calling out to everyone to help me build a memorial wall or bridge (depending on number of stones) that will become part of a new garden walk. It is my desire to offer (on our private property), a place where people can come and “set awhile.” They will be allowed to leave a stone if they wish, or just to enjoy the garden and the fellowship of another Lymie.

In the garden they will be able to see individual rocks which represent Lyme patients from around the world. Each stone will have a number assigned to it and there will be a key to help you find yours or a loved one’s rock.  The garden rocks can be any size, but of course you will have to pay shipping. If you prefer a larger rock, then send a request for a rock and I will pick one for you.

The garden’s walkway will be lined with larger rocks. Smaller rocks or stones that are a half dollar in size or slightly larger will become part of a memorial wall or bridge, depending on the number of smaller stones received. Despite the size, each stone will represent an individual, family, or a loved one who is suffering from, or who has suffered from (and is cured or is no longer with us), Lyme disease and related tick-borne diseases.

This endeavor is open to all participants from anywhere in the world.  It is my hope that this effort will be shared with as many people as possible so that the memorial garden walk and reflecting pond will become a success for all to enjoy–even from abroad through photos I will post on  my blog and on my FB page. I may even devote an entire web site to the project (if I can get some funding at some future point). I hope also to eventually have a tree/shrub drive so people can add a specific memorial tree or shrub which will help populate the garden. This memorial garden will be established in a new location, so we are starting from scratch. The more people participate, the nicer the garden will become.

You do not have to mail me a rock in order to participate! You can simply email me at pj (at) allegorypress (dot) com, or you can PM me on my Facebook page. If you wish to mail a rock with a short note, feel free to do so at the address below.

Mark the stone on one side with your loved one’s name and your location (city, state, country, territory, etc.) if it fits. If it does not fit, then just be sure to mark the location on a piece of paper or on your return address. Each rock receives a permanent number, and all names and locations will be added to a log book.  You can also send an anonymous rock if you prefer that, but please do include the location because location is part of the “fun”.

Each person who asks for, or who sends in a rock, will also receive personalized prayer. 

If you do mail stones, please note:

– Use Tyvek or padded mailer

– or Tape SECURELY to cardboard.

Rocks mailed loosely in plain envelopes never seem to arrive due to US postal mail automatic sorting which damages irregular, lumpy envelopes.

SO….please securely mail your stone, or email or FB request to be added (which saves money) and I will select a stone for you. If you want your own stone, then please mail it in.

I will eventually post photos and give the actual location so people can come and see their rocks in person, or GPS peek at the garden.

Anyone who wishes to write a short note, I will be happy to add it to a binder that is available for public viewing. Be careful to only write information you would not mind others’ reading! Once I post the location of the memorial garden, all will be invited to stop in  for a visit and a chat!

Thanks so much for cross posting. Let’s make this Lyme memorial something to be proud about!

Mail stones to:
PJ Rocks
PO Box 444
Hustisford, WI 53034 USA

Email request to be added:  pj (at) allegorypress (dot) com

Facebook PM request to be added: pj langhoff

You are all in my prayers daily. Please see my books on tick-borne illnesses at
You can also download for FREE a booklet about tickborne illnesses here:


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