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PJ Langhoff is an author, medical researcher, Lyme patient, and Christian Minister. Her books are used in legal, medical, and legislative proceedings, and are sold around the world, and her research has been used in an historic anti-trust case; an award-winning documentary film about Lyme disease, and other arenas. Her books in multiple genres are available at and

She writes from the trenches of Lyme disease so that others may become better educated about this highly misunderstood, oft-denied epidemic infectious disease.

Oh yeah, and sometimes she writes just for the fun of it.


3 thoughts on “Trenchmaster

  1. PJ:

    I LOVE this!!! This will be a blessing to many as we go thru this battle together.

    Great job girlfriend! Love, Nancy

  2. I have a few questions on your book(s). Just working my way through them. You can reach me via my wordpress site that shows my email; wasn’t sure how to reach you. Love the books!

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