You’re a …. Freakin’ Miracle!!!!!

OK Lymies, here’s a new challenge for you that will actually HELP you deal with Lyme or Bartonella rage moments.

And for all those who have anger issues for other legitimate reasons “ill” or otherwise…………..

Instead of allowing your mouth to spew insults or snipey comments which allow others to share in your personal misery, try HURTLING COMPLIMENTS instead. This was the idea of my then 21-year old brain child son.

What do I mean?

Well it’s REALLY hard to stay angry when you begin to become angry, and you are forced to say something KIND to the person, animal, or topic that is making you upset!

“I REALLY HATE ….. that it took me so long to tell you how nice your shoes are!”

“Why can’t you …. just show me how to do my hair like you?!”

“What makes you think that …. you shouldn’t have more hugs?!”

The more angry you are, the more creative the substitutions become, and well, after each person hurls 1 or more compliments toward the other, the anger is dissipated, and everyone ends up laughing!!!



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