Welcome to the Trenches…

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This site is dedicated to all those who live life on the edge, or in the bottom of the trenches. Whether you are digging down or digging out, you are the victor in the battle of life, not just the visitor.

Feel free to post your comments by shoveling your own dirt in response to that which I shovel before you. I don’t get offended, because life isn’t really that serious after all, (if you are spiritually awake that is).

So come on have a little bit of fun, let your hair down a bit, post your questions if you have them (answers do not constitute advice in any way, shape, or form; either expressed or implied). And join me in the trenches…

Click on the menu links at the left, to find individual stories. Feel free to shovel your own dirt by posting your comments, questions, or complaints (keep them lighthearted so you won’t have to carry your own heavy dirt all day long).

Be sure to subscribe so I may have the pleasure of flinging new dirt to as many people outside the trenches as possible!


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